03 July 2023 Viet Nam

Looking for an experienced strategic plan consultant

We are looking for an experienced strategic plan consultant to work with Tropenbos Viet Nam to develop a five year strategic plan (2023–2028). Please see the ToR for details. Deadline to send your CV: July 02, 2023.

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13 June 2023 Viet Nam

Enhancing the role of ethnic minorities in forest management in Viet Nam

Tropenbos Viet Nam actively engaged government officials in research into the forest management traditions of ethnic minorities. As a result, government officials are now more aware of the role that ethnic minorities can play in forest management and conservation.

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01 March 2023 Viet Nam

Coffee agroforestry for restoration in the Srepok River Basin, Viet Nam — Lessons from the Working Landscapes Programme

Expansion of coffee monocultures on the slopes of the Srepok River Basin in Viet Nam has resulted in severe land degradation. As part of the Working Landscapes programme, we have been supporting coffee agroforestry to restore these lands and increase smallholders’ resilience.

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20 July 2022 Viet Nam

Women farmers in Viet Nam restore lands with coffee and indigenous tree species

In Viet Nam’s Central Highlands, women have the potential to play a key role in restoring degraded lands. Until recently, however, women seldom joined in local government efforts to promote restoration. By involving government officials in research, awareness creation and training, Tropenbos Viet Nam managed to convince them to focus their support on women-led agroforestry models for restoration.

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16 November 2021 Viet Nam

Community forest land allocation can help to achieve climate objectives in Viet Nam

In Viet Nam, large areas of forests are traditionally managed by ethnic minorities. Allocating forest lands to these communities can result in better forest management, contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation goals, says Tran Nam Thang of Tropenbos Viet Nam.

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15 April 2021 Viet Nam

Guidelines on natural forest restoration in Dak Lak province in Viet Nam

In Viet Nam, the restoration of natural forest ecosystems and livelihoods for people who manage and use degraded forests is important to achieve sustainable development. Especially, the area of natural forests in the Central Highlands has continued to decline in recent years. Therefore, the forest restoration is an issue that needs special attention of the forestry sector. Tropenbos Viet Nam cooperated with the Dak Lak Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to research and develop a technical guidance document for natural forest restoration.

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