15 April 2021 Viet Nam

Indigenous trees for rural beautification in Viet Nam

The farmers’ association of Krông Bông district in Viet Nam’s Đắk Lắk Province used the knowledge they gained from trainings of Tropenbos Viet Nam to support the planting of indigenous trees, as part of a government initiative aimed at beautifying the countryside. This will not only please the eye, but is also good for the soils, and will provide people with fruits and high-quality timber.

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15 October 2020 Viet Nam

Coffee farmers in Viet Nam switch to intercropping

Coffee farmers in Viet Nam’s Central Highlands are increasingly applying intercropping to their coffee plantations. This results in more income and a better resilience against climate change.

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09 May 2018 Viet Nam

Stakeholders make recommendations for the draft decree for the implementation of the Forest Law 2017

Following the adoption of the new forest law in 2017, the government of Viet Nam is now drafting decrees that will put the law into operation. Tropenbos Viet Nam organised the workshop “Disseminating the Forest Law 2017 and Consultation for Development of Draft Decree Guiding the Law Implementation” together with Gia Lai Science and Technology Association on 4 May 2018 in Pleiku city of Gia Lai province. The workshop aimed to disseminate the main contents of the new law with stakeholders and to formulate recommendations for the contents of this decree.

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24 July 2017 Viet Nam

Payment for forest environmental services: encouraging results but constraints remain

Payment for Forest Environmental Services has created considerable impacts in terms of relieving the Vietnamese government’s financial burden towards forest protection and development, is the main conclusion derived from the discussions during the workshop “Disseminating the Policy of Payment for Forest Environmental Services (PFES) to Contribute to Sustainable Forest Management and Improved Livelihoods of Ethnic Minority People in the Uplands.” The workshop was jointly organized by Tropenbos Viet Nam and Vietnam Forest Science Technology Association (VIFA) on 27 June 2017 in Ha Noi.

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20 April 2017 Viet Nam

Kick-off Workshop on Landscape Approach for Communal Land Use Planning

Information and knowledge about the landscape approach for participatory land use planning at the communal level was shared during the kick-off workshop “Landscape Approach for Land Use Planning in Gung Re commune, Di Linh District” jointly organized by Tropenbos Viet Nam, the Sustainable Trade Initiative/the Initiative for Sustainable Landscape (IDH/ISLA) and the People’s Committee of Di Linh district on 12 April 2017.

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12 December 2016 Viet Nam

Hydropower Plant Development in Viet Nam’s Central Zone and Central Highlands: a Trade-off

Despite being a major source of electricity for daily use and production activities, excessive hydropower plant development in the Central zone and Central Highlands of Viet Nam has created adverse social-environmental impacts and on local people’s livelihoods. The main issues include ineffective planning, lack of proper monitoring of the implementation, and unsolved problems regarding compensation and resettlement for affected people. Those were the main conclusions drawn during the workshop “Sustainable Hydropower Plants Development in Viet Nam’s Central Zone and Central Highlands” jointly organized by Tropenbos International Viet Nam (TBI Viet Nam), the Centre for Social Research and Development (CSRD), the Da Nang Union of Science and Technology Associations, and the Viet Nam Rivers Network (VRN) on 6 December 2016 in Da Nang city.

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