10 April 2012 Viet Nam

TBI Viet Nam Participates in FGLG International Learning Event

The Forest Governance Learning Group (FGLF) held their 8th international learning event on March 26th-30th in Huế, Viet Nam. The FGLG is an informal partnership of in-country groups and international associations that is currently involved in eight African and three Asian countries.

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18 January 2012 Viet Nam

Food security and energy development in Viet Nam

The economic structure of Vietnam has drastically shifted since the mid 1980's from an agriculture based system to one that is multi-based.

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09 January 2012 Viet Nam

How Viet Nam is prepared to meet legal requirements of timber export markets

More and more markets are demanding legal verification of timber products, e.g. the EU with its Timber Regulation and the US with its Lacey Act. The EU and VS are important export destinations for Viet Nam’s timber products (more than 80% of total export revenue). In the report “How Viet Nam is prepared to meet legal requirements of timber export markets” TBI aims to provide some initial assessments of the impacts of these emerging market requirements.

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03 January 2012 Viet Nam

A pathway to a green economy

Country-Led Initiative in Support of the United Nations Forum on Forests, Hanoi, 10-13 January 2012. “A pathway to a green economy in the context of sustainable development: Focus on the role of markets in the promotion of sustainable forest management” is the theme of the Country-Led Initiative (CLI), organised by Viet Nam with the support of the Netherlands and Finland.

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03 November 2011 Viet Nam

GIS course in support of forest information management

In an attempt to improve the capacity for its partners and stakeholders in the forest sector of Viet Nam, TBI Viet Nam organized a course on “GIS application in forest information management” from 13 to 16 January 2011 in Hue city.

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01 November 2011 Viet Nam

Research on Forest Governance Monitoring in Viet Nam

Tropenbos International, in cooperation with FAO and the Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation, is implementing a pilot project on Forest Governance Monitoring (FGM) in Viet Nam. With support from MARD, the programme director (PD) of TBI Viet Nam and an independent expert from FAO organised several meetings at national and local level institutes and organizations.

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