Research on forest land allocation policy under way

Research on forest land allocation policy under way

Viet Nam - 14 September, 2010

As a researcher on the project “Creating Synergy in Forest Research” between HUAF and IDS/UU for mutual capacity development in forest research, PhD candidate Tran Nam Tu has been selected to develop the research proposal “The impacts of forest and forest land allocation policy on rural livelihood in Central Viet Nam”.

He has selectively used the research results obtained in 2008 and 2009 by MSc students from Utrecht University under the joint research programme between TBI and UU. This programme focused on sustainable forest management, policy development process, and sustainable livelihoods for local people; the results of which are highly relevant to the work of Mr. Tu.

After receiving approval for his research proposal, Tu made his second trip to the Netherlands to conduct research in May of 2010. When asked of his impression of his stay in the Netherlands, he said “living and doing research in the Netherlands is my aspiration and happiness. With an advanced study environment and timely advice from supervisors and tutors, I have learned a lot, both knowledge and research methodology, which make my research go on right track. Particularly, the literature review enabled me to have a critical overview of the theme I am working on.” Tu has also revealed that he is in the process of writing the first draft of his thesis and preparing an abstract to be sent to an international conference, which is expected to be organized next year.

Tu plans on presenting the preliminary results of his research in October of 2010 to the department of International Development Studies/UU.