Forest Land Allocation Review Workshop organized in Nam Dong

Forest Land Allocation Review Workshop organized in Nam Dong

Viet Nam - 11 March, 2011

On 20 January 2011, a Forest Land Allocation (FLA) Review workshop was organized in Nam Dong District, facilitated and supported by TBI Viet Nam.

FLA is an important policy by the Government of Viet Nam, aimed to involve the whole society into forest protection and management for livelihood improvement of local people. Nam Dong is one of the mountainous districts in Viet Nam, where the FLA programme has been carried out. Nevertheless, there has not been any official evaluation of the impacts from FLA programmes yet.

The workshop witnessed the attendance of managers and technical staff, whose daily assignments dealt with FLA activities in the district. Participants presented and discussed the obtained results as well as constraints from FLA programmes over the last years. Additionally, the workshop offered local authorities and policy makers with comments and suggestion from the grass-roots level.

More importantly, researchers of TBI Viet Nam’s research project on assessment of FLA impacts were provided with important inputs for further updating their research results. This will help researchers give adequate recommendations for the policy making process in the future.